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Citizenship by Investment INVESTOR VISA program TO CENTRAL AMERICA /Caribbean Islands

Central America and the Caribbean has been one of the most proactive in terms of negotiating trade agreements with other regions around the world in imports and exports. Despite the global economic crisis, trade has grown at a constant rate. The US is still its main export market.

Island of Opportunities – Caribbean citizenship is particularly well suited as there is little to no residency requirement. With famous celebrities, the worlds elite, affluent Individuals, Businessmen & Corporates having had residences on the Island for a long time, the needs of the discerning international high-net-worth client are well catered for. Although the government keeps its citizens’ information confidential, we believe scores of families from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US have recently been applying for citizenship. The lifestyle among a mosaic of cultures, turquoise waters, international restaurants, and yachting community has become a favourite vacation spot for both industry luminaries and celebrity icons.

  • 3-4 Months Visa Processing Time
  • Hassle Free Immigration
  • 100% Visa Success
  • Travel Visa Free to more than 132 countries
  • No Work Experience, Education or IELTS required
  • Citizenship for Complete Family including parents
  • Central America/Caribbean Islands famous for free trade exports

1. Guatemala Citizenship by Investment Program – Minimum Investment: $60,000: The cheapest investment visa program in the world is that of Central American nation of Guatemala. The Guatemalan Investment Visa program represents unbeatable value.

Guatemala Investment Visa Program Benefits:

1. Guatemala has the strongest economy in Central America & Latin America

2. Guatemala’s main trading partner is the United States

3. Guatemalan citizenship can be applied just after eight months of residency

4. Guatemala passport has visa-free access to 116 countries, including UK, EU

5. As a Guatemalan citizen, applicants are privy to discreet banking, tax shelters as well as low taxation on income and investments

2. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program – Minimum Investment $100,000, Family Application $175,000, : Dominica was the second Caribbean country to develop a CBI program. The program has been running successfully providing thousands of foreign investors the opportunity to gain citizenship and a passport to a CARICOM country.

Dominica Investment Visa Program Benefits:

1. Investors can receive Dominica citizenship in just six months

2. Visa-free access to 119 countries including the UK

3. Dominican citizenship is for life

 3. Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program Minimum Investment: $250,000, Real Estate Option $400,000 for 5yrs: Antigua and Barbuda CBI program is designed to stimulate the island’s economy by virtue of foreign investment that would also generate local construction.


Antigua and Barbuda CBI Program Benefits:

1. Visa-free access to 134 countries

2. An Antigua and Barbuda citizen can live and work without restriction

3. 35 days of residency from applicants during the first five years of citizenship.

4. St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship By Investment Program Minimum Investment: $150,000, Real Estate Option $400,000 for 5yrs, $220,000 for 7yrs,: The first and best of all Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, St. Kitts and Nevis was the very first CBI program in the world. Since then, St. Kitts and Nevis have regularly updated their CBI program, ensuring it is the most successful in the West Indies.


St. Kitts and Nevis CBI Program Benefits:

1. Visa-free access to 132 countries worldwide

2. St. Kitts and Nevis citizens are also members of the British Commonwealth

3. There is no residence requirements for applicants

4. St. Kitts and Nevis passport holders are not charged income or wealth tax

5. Dual citizenship extended to family members

6. Choice of Real Estate investment