Citizenship-Residency to Europe-Greece-Latvia-Malta-Cyprus-Portugal-Spain

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CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT investor visa PROGRAM TO EUROPE with dual citizenship without residency:

Why Choose VIZONES? Despite our success in visa processes, the  Citizenship by Investment program requires a careful application submission and transition for this highly specialized task.

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INVESTOR visa to obtain europe citizenship & RESIDENCY

Immigration to any of the European Union countries is a simple process. We’re sure you’re going to be excited by the Investment opportunities, ROI and Luxurious lifestyle these wonderful countries offer. With low investment no requirements to surrender your current citizenship or personally relocate, Citizenship by Investment is designed to attract direct foreign investment, International Real Estate & offers EU citizenship.   

Advantages of EU Countries (Europe) Citizenship:

  • Permanent Residency within 3 months
  • NO IELTS Required
  • Europe allows dual citizenship, with citizenship for family.
  • Processing Timeline: 3 months
  • Visa-less travel within EU, and 160 different nations.
  • Your citizenship has no expiry date 
  • Favorable Social/Cultural Environment & Free Financial Movement
  • Can own land in an EU member state
  • Free Trade within the EU

Europe Investor Visa PR/Citizenship program under the European Union include countries:

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#Cyprus Investor Visa and Europe Residency/Citizenship with High ROI

#Malta Investor Visa Europe Residency/Citizenship Program with High ROI

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#Hungary/Poland/Ireland/Bulgaria Investor Visa Europe Residency /Citizenship Program

Greece, Latvia, Malta and Cyprus are the main and favorite destinations chosen by many Businessmen, Companies, Investors & Individuals for its high ROI policies by Europe government, followed by Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and Ireland.

  • Low Investment Schemes: GREECE offers the minimum real estate residence for investment totalling to  €250,000, Latvia €262,500,

Malta & Cyprus €330,000 towards property purchase or public bonds, Portugal offers purchasing property worth €350,000-€400,000, Spain €500,000, Bulgaria offers government bonds at €500,000. 


  • Growth Potential & High ROI: Price difference between Greece and Latvia is about 10%, but the price growth is higher in Greece.

  • High Rental Income: Golden Visa holders lease or rent out the purchased real estate to compensate for the investment. In Greece, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, investors are free to do so, while Malta prohibits the lease of properties during the first 5 years of ownership, instead permits rentals to tourists which gives higher yields.

GREECE outnumbers Portugal twice and Latvia by 10 times in terms of international tourist arrivals. Greece yields a higher investment profit. The average price per square meter is €1,265 in Athens, €3,317 in Lisbon, and €4,399 in Barcelona. Therefore, the most reasonable choice for investors wishing to obtain Europe Passports & Citizenship would be Greece.

Requirements for Obtaining Investor Visa Citizenship in Europe:

  • EUR 2 million for land development in EU countries for business, private or tourism
  • This includes purchase of infrastructure. Does NOT include buying of land.
  • EUR 2 million edge through purchase of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)
  • Financial resources of businesses, bonds, securities, debentures issued by Europe govt.
  • Lifetime ownership of property of EU 500,000 as your living arrangement in EU.