Permanent Residence Canada-Australia

Canada/Australia PR is amongst the most sought after Permanent Residency visas in the world. It offers right to study, work, and live in the country without any limitation.

Benefits of Canada/Australia PR Visa:

  • Freedom of Work
  • Freedom of Study
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Healthcare
  • Apply for Citizenship
  • Automatic Citizenship to children born in Canada/Australia
  • Education & Medical Benefits for Kids
  • Sponsor Eligible relatives

TRAVEL INSURANCE: International Travel Insurance covers the policyholder expenses and unforeseen incidents while travelling. Having the right kind of travel insurance protection is important while travelling. Most policies cover for:

1. Flight cancellation                    2. Sickness or injury during the trip

3. Medical expenses                     4. Accidental cover

5. Cancellation of trip                  6. Loss of baggage

7. Loss of Passport                       8. Emergency medical assistance