Study Abroad Programs: Dubai-Singapore-Germany

  • Germany the perfect place to Study Abroad
  • Low Or No Tuition Fees
  • Top-Ranked Universities
  • Travel Europe on a Student visa
  • Globally Recognized Study Programs
  • Affordable Costs of Living
  • Work Opportunities For International Students

Study Abroad Visas with Education Loans/Sponsorships: We process Study Abroad student visas for the most reputable colleges and universities globally. We would familiarise you with a few famous scholarships from around the world to help you with scholarships. We help brilliant minds pursue their higher education in the University of their choice with Education/Student Loans.

Study Abroad Visa Program with Education Loans/Sponsorships to Dubai/Singapore: We process Study Abroad student visas for Business Management Courses, Diploma Courses, UG & PG Degree Courses, Pilot Training-Aviation, Architecture, Hospitality Management, STEM Courses, Engineering, Information Technology and Digital Media with reputed Colleges and Universities.

Benefits of Dubai/Singapore Study Abroad Programs:

  • Low Tuition Fees
  • No Donation
  • High Quality Educational Institutions
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Global job opportunities
  • Part Time Jobs Available
  • IELTS Waiver
  • No Gap problem
  • Easy Visa Process

Study Abroad Programs for Pilot Training to Dubai:  To become a pilot, you need to do CPL ( Commercial Pilot License ) program. Students who go abroad are able to finish the CPL within one year whereas it could take 2 to 3 years to complete the course in India.

Benefits of Study Abroad Pilot Training to Dubai:

  • Technology Advantage
  • Advanced Teaching Methodology
  • Quality Training
  • Time Advantage
  • Intensity Advantage
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Global job opportunities

To elaborate further, the training facilities in foreign flight schools are years ahead in sophistication. The teaching methodology is current with modern equipments. The airport infrastructure is definitely better than what is prevalent in India. Even though India is up-grading the airports, it has a long way to catch up.

Gaining access to facilities like a Flight Simulator during training can only be a dream here. But the leading schools in overseas provide that experience too! Coming to the aspect of time, due to the lack of infrastructure & aircrafts for training and with the shortage of Certified Flight Instructors in India, a pilot aspirant has to endure a training period of almost 3 years. Whereas it is just 5 months in US or 6 months in Canada or 10 months in Philippines!

One of the factors for time saving is also the intensity of teaching. Due to the availability of more trained Pilot Instructors, the Trainee to Instructor ratio is high. This translates into personalized and focused training sessions which are highly intensive. To sum it up, choosing a foreign training school is a smart move! Get qualified better and faster. Start earning earlier!

The standard of pilot training overseas will be of a higher grade. The facilities and maintenance of aircraft will be of world class. Training will be given by experienced and competent flight instructors. The CPL training has been integrated with Multi Engine training. Instrument flying provided will be of the highest standard. The training is based on DGCA standard and requirement. The students trained abroad can easily pass the DGCA conversion examination.

Even though there are institutes in India which offer pilot training, the number of these institutes does not meet up the demands of the aviation sector as a whole. Despite the swelling aviation sector, Commercial Pilot Training Institutes in India are in their initial stage. Thus, most of the Indian students aiming to receive Commercial Pilot Training usually go ABROAD. They seek for quality training from skilled instructors outside India to obtain the Commercial Pilot License.

Study Abroad Programs for STEM Courses to Dubai-Singapore

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and refers to any subjects that fall under these four disciplines. Since its creation, governments and universities around the world have made attracting students to STEM courses a priority, in order to address this shortfall. It’s also easier to immigrate to another country if you studied a STEM subject at degree level and are looking for work in that field. A far wider range of academic disciplines falls under the description of STEM. List of some of the other STEM courses:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Statistics

In terms of career paths, some of these subjects will offer a quite straightforward progression to particular careers. Aerospace Engineering, for example is likely to lead into a graduate job working for one of the worlds major aircraft designers, such as Rolls Royce. STEM majors are typically offered some flexibility in their freshman and sophomore years, making Studying Abroad in these early semesters more realistic than during the senior years.


Do a high-quality internship with an NGO or private company, conduct academic research with some of the world’s top experts or present independent findings and get published! 

Benefits of Study Abroad STEM Courses to Dubai-Singapore:

  • No Donation
  • Top Ranked Universities/Institutions 
  • Internships
  • Technology Advantage
  • Advanced Teaching Methodology
  • Quality Training
  • Time Advantage
  • Intensity Advantage
  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Global job opportunities
  • IELTS Waiver for Dubai-Singapore